Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a guideline budget for digitization?

It is possible to set a direction for digitizing archives. Of course, everything depends on the state of the archive and the work that needs to be done in advance to optimally carry out the scanning processes. In particular, the labour-intensive components determine the amount of the investment. Overall, however, it can be assumed that costs will be approximately €300 - €500 per linear metre of archive. The start-up costs are high, so the price per linear metre decreases as more metres of archives are digitized.

Why is an archive depot safer than a normal storage space?

An archive depot is set up for specialized storage of paper archives and other high-quality archives. This means that the following points have received extra attention:

  1. The storage depots are fully secured by cameras and sensors.
  2. An external security company patrols the archive depot outside office hours.
  3. The depot meets all requirements for fire safety and has a direct line to the fire brigade.
  4. The climate control system is set up to create an almost constant temperature between 16° and 20° Celsius.
  5. Daylight is excluded and artificial light is used minimally.
  6. A professional pest control system ensures optimal shelf life.
  7. Access to the depot is reserved for our screened employees with a personal login code.
  8. The archive depots of Archiefkluis only employ specialised staff who are experienced in providing professional archive management for all kinds of organisations for many years.
  9. The storage facilities meet all legal requirements for archives to be destroyed in the long term.
  10. For extra protection, the storage system is location-independent and securely set up so that the location of specific archives is not physically visible. Each box or pallet is barcoded and linked to the location via the barcode.
  11. The protection of the customer's privacy and archives is guaranteed by separation of content and location: only the customer knows the contents of the archive box. Only Archiefkluis knows the location of the archive in the archive depot. This guarantees extra privacy protection and security.

Archiefkluis has several lockable rooms in which employees of our customers can work on their own archives. The working method and location meet the strictest legal requirements imposed by our customers from government and industry.

What are the reasons I might outsource the digitisation of my archives?

The main reasons for choosing a specialized company are:

  1. ensuring that everything is properly digitized (readable, searchable).
  2. certainty that 100% of the data has been digitized (nothing omitted).
  3. Guaranteed link to existing systems, so that the information can always be retrieved quickly.
  4. lower integral costs by using (1) specialist knowledge (which prevents errors), (2) years of experience (on process and assurance) and (3) application of the latest techniques (ICT, equipment, process). An additional advantage is the speed of delivery.
  5. no distraction for your own organization because the project is organized and carried out outside the company. This allows your own employees to continue to focus on their core tasks.

If the above considerations are not as important to you, then you may find it worthwhile to assemble your own project group, train them, and start digitizing your archives in-house with a well-founded project plan.

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