Archive destruction

Vakkundig veilig vernietigd.

Everything comes to an end, including the mandatory retention period for your archive. When that moment arrives, the archive materials will have to be safely destroyed. Why not entrust this task to professionals with a focus on security and protection of your sensitive data? We’ll ensure that your sensitive documents are never reproducible again. And our processes have minimal environmental impact.

Are you sure that your paper archives can be destroyed? Do you want to be sure that it is really done properly? That you no longer run any risk of parts of your ‘destroyed archive’ ever bobbing up again, with all the misery that entails? Then it is important to opt for certified destruction by a specialist.

CA+ certification

Archiefkluis ensures safe archive destruction, according to the CA+ method. This prevents commercial or business-sensitive information from accidentally ending up ‘on the street’. We take care of this for our customers from our archive depot.

Archive destruction takes place under supervision in specially designed collection containers. The containers are transported in trucks equipped with a central locking system, which can be opened remotely. The collection container is a closed system equipped with a certified container lock. The residual products of the destroyed archives are reused. The CA+ destruction is the strictest method of destruction. After the destruction, we can provide you with a certificate of destruction if desired.

Retention periods

In the Netherlands, there are statutory retention periods which are included in various laws. We have compiled these articles of law in a clear overview. This overview can also be downloaded free of charge as a PDF. Of course you have to deal with legal provisions, but the vision of your organization is also a contributing factor in determining your retention period. Read more about the legal retention periods of your archive here.

Curious about the possibilities?

Would you like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods for your situation? Contact us for a free consultation.

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