Safe storage of important documents of your installations or products

Many tech companies supply products or systems which remain in operation for decades. These machines help customers make their organizations function properly or facilitate their production processes. Downtime can be fatal.

Key files relating to this technology are often provided in paper form: technical drawings, instructions for use, modifications, etc. They are stored to make quick action possible in the event of maintenance or malfunction. This form of ‘organisational memory’ remains of great importance for customer service.

Available digitally

At a time when everything seems to be going digital and customers expect a faster response time, more and more tech companies are looking for a solution to make their archives available digitally. For one thing, it speeds up response times and enables employees to work digitally. Second, there is a growing awareness that a paper archive is vulnerable. How safely is it actually stored? Is there protection from fire, loss, moisture damage, pests or just loss? How do you ensure that this important technology archive remains available in a sustainable way?


Many organizations choose to digitize this technical archive. Especially if it is needed at short notice in the event of malfunctions, this seems like a logical investment. You can choose backlog scanning or scanning on demand. With backlog scanning, the entire archive is digitized at once. With scanning on demand, documents are scanned as they are requested. The choice depends on the wishes of the organization and the available budget.

More secure storage

Usually, tech archives are kept in the company’s own warehouses or storage rooms, with more current files in the office. Sometimes they are decentralized in different places, and sometimes kept centrally. But certainly, the archives are not always kept safely. That is why professional archive storage was developed. This specialism focuses on secure storage in combination with professional archive management. The archives are preserved sustainably. And if a file or document is needed, it can be delivered physically or digitally within a few hours.

Many different types of archives

In addition to storing technical archives, we also provide storage or digitization of financial documents and older personnel files and general archives.

Archive storage advantage

Choosing digitization of your important technical data means working more professionally and making an investment to retain your customers. With external archive storage with a recognized specialist such as Archiefkluis, you can be sure that your valuable archives are safe. You can focus on your employees and optimize the processes in your organization in a more spacious office, while we take care of all supporting archive services for you. That gives you peace of mind.

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