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Many multinationals and corporations have been digital for years. Working digitally has further improved processes and customer focus. Still, there are often shelves and shelves of paper archives from the past that must be preserved: safe, yet available.

Many international organisations have high security requirements. Working safely – both operationally and in the office environment – is crucial to maintaining and strengthening a reputation that has been built up. The risks of damaging that reputation are high if confidential information is exposed. Protecting digital and physical data is a core task.


In multinational organisations, most old files are needed to a relatively limited extent. Sometimes digitisation is chosen, but usually that is not cost-effective. Archive storage is cheaper than digitizing, especially if the retention period remains within 20 years.

Archive storage for multinationals

The majority of large corporations opt for the quality of a recognized archive manager when they choose to store their archives off-site. This not only ensures safe storage, but materials can always be delivered quickly if they are needed. Your own storage space or self-storage is not secure enough and often not set up for fast availability of an archive. In addition, it is often more expensive than archive storage, since an archive manager is always needed.

File delivery

Depending on the agreements and wishes of the multinational, an archive document can be delivered physically or digitally within 24 hours (or even faster). It goes without saying that documents can only be requested by authorized persons. We can assist you in English, German, and French.

Smart choice

In the past, most multinationals had their own archive department. That made sense at a time when there were a lot of paper files which were needed regularly. However, those days are over. The paper archive is decreasing every year and the dynamics in the archive are also disappearing. This means that in-house archive services are also disappearing. Instead, companies opt for outsourcing to a specialist with its own archive managers. As specialists, we have a 100% focus on archive services and can therefore continue to invest not only in security, but also in the right employees with a heart for your archive.

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