Secure pallet storage

Your valuable items are safe and still available.

Are you dealing with valuable merchandise, inventory, or temporary storage? Goods on euro pallets that need to stay clean, dry, safe, but still available? Not squeezed between pallets of fruit, foods, or other commodities? In a depot that is specially equipped to provide extra protection for your goods, so you don’t need to worry?

In recent years, more and more organizations have said goodbye to their own storage spaces. Everything is lean and mean. But once in a while, you may have materials that need to be stored safely on a temporary basis. For this purpose, Archiefkluis now has specialized storage at the highest level of security available for both small and large quantities of goods.

What are the rates for pallet storage? What will my investment be?

The rates for pallet storage consist of monthly storage costs and handling costs. In addition, the total cost for storing your pallets depends on the quantity of pallets and the duration of storage. The larger the number and the longer the storage, the lower the rate.

Archiefkluis BV’s rates for extra secure pallet storage start at €8 per pallet place per month for larger quantities and longer terms. Do you want to know what factors to take into account regarding storage and handling? Feel free to send us a message, email ( or call us on 085 004 3631.

Our storage locations are located on the outskirts of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Low-cost, secure storage

The cost of our extra secure pallet storage is relatively low. In part, this is because of the very effective design of our archive depots. Another factor is that cost is calculated per pallet. You aren’t renting space to store pallets in (as with self-storage), but only the place for each pallet. This makes it possible for us to offer pallet storage starting at €10 per month.

24/7 Management

Secure storage in an archive depot with management means that you can request your items at any time. The desired pallet (or goods) will then be prepared for you to pick up or delivered to your location. This service is known as management: the storage and management of an archive (or other valuable goods) for organizations up to the date of removal.

Extra safe

Your pallets are stored in safe and protected storage space in extra secure archive depots. The storage facilities meet strict security requirements. Your valuable goods are protected on the pallet site against external influences such as moisture, fire, smoke, temperature fluctuations, pests, and unauthorized access. Daylight is excluded from storage areas. Instead, artificial light is used minimally. You have peace of mind knowing your high-value goods are in a safe environment.


Privacy is crucial to us. To guarantee privacy, the depot is equipped with motion sensors and electronically secured access and emergency doors. Access is only possible for authorised persons by means of an electronic security system. Only our screened staff have access to your goods. In addition, our employees are bound by a VOG statement and a duty of confidentiality. An external security company also patrols the premises outside office hours.

Manageable, full service and temporary

If you want a single item or complete pallet delivered, our delivery service guarantees physical or digital delivery within the agreed delivery period. Of course, you can also come to consult your archive materials or pick them up from the archive depot. We run an authorization and identification check for visitors to the depot.

Suitable for (almost) every type of goods

In our archive depots, all types and sizes of products may be stored in a pallet space. The exception is goods that affect the internal climate or that, due to their nature and size, may contain or attract pests. These goods are prohibited in our storage facilities. Please note: we only store Euro pallets.


Providing pallets with our unique coding is very important. This numerical coding prevents the pallet contents from being apparent on the outside. The coding is linked by us to the physical location (the pallet space) in the depot. Only authorized personnel can find the encrypted items via a personal login. The contents of the pallet in question are known exclusively to your own organization. By this method we are able to guarantee privacy: only you know what is on the pallet, only we know where the pallet in question is located.

Curious about the possibilities?

Would you like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods for your situation? Contact us for a free consultation.

Direct contact more about our services 085 004 3631

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