Housing corporations

All VHE and tenant data digitally available.

For housing corporations, digitization is an important step in optimizing processes and customer focus. In recent years, the majority of housing corporations have gone digital. Complete digitisation of the old archives is part of this process.

Within housing corporations, more and more new information is offered digitally, such as correspondence with tenants and invoices from suppliers. That is why many housing corporations are switching to a professional DMS as a basis for digital registration.

VHE files

Part of this digital processing is also the scanning of existing VHE files, the files with the technical and rental data of each individual home or rental unit. These paper files are often still stored in cabinets or on shelves. Digitization not only frees up office space, but also provides better availability for employees, who do not need to be in the office to access the information.

First clean up, then scan

It is customary for the archive to be cleaned up and organized prior to digitisation. For this purpose, we have made available the guideline “Advice List for Storage and Destruction” of the DIV platform for housing corporations. Often the documents can be scanned directly. Two birds with one stone.

Digital archive in order

The result is a body of technical material ordered by complex number and provided with a barcode. The barcode in question can encode a number of elements, including the complex number, the construction phase and the NL-SFB code. In addition, the archives often include drawings which are also digitized. The result is that your organization can rely on a reliable source of information. That works well for your team and your tenants.

Always digitally available everywhere

A complete digital file makes it possible to have the latest up-to-date information at any location, both at home and at the tenant’s premises. This way, authorized employees can view the files without the files floating through the building or department. Now that’s sustainable, professional working.

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Housing corporations

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