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“You don’t know what you don’t know,” a wise man once remarked. And it’s true!

Many organizations do not know what is involved in working digitally or dealing with paper archives. What are the possibilities? What should you pay attention to? What are the risks? These are questions that a specialized company such as Archiefkluis can answer well. If you are wondering how to transition to digital working as smoothly as possible with your paper archives, you will find all kinds of tips and advice here, free of charge. We like to help organizations transition to working digitally.

PROFESSIONaL digitisation

Safe and secure digitisation of archives

Digitizing archives is becoming increasingly popular. Now that many organizations are consciously opting for a combination of working from home and working in the office, the need to make the paper archive digitally available is increasing. The fact that this immediately saves space in the office is a bonus. Time for a new look at office design.

costs of pallet storage

How much does pallet storage cost?

Whether you are a large distributor or a relatively small internet company, pallet storage is a much sought-after service. Sometimes it’s needed for the short term, sometimes longer. There are many different forms of pallet storage with varying costs. We offer storage rates by the week or by the month.

digitizing or physical storing?

Digitizing or storing administration?

For many organizations, the transition to digital working is in full swing. The question of digitizing the archives arises regularly. After all, would be great to save space. But is digitizing archived documents a good solution?

costs of Digitizing

What does it cost to digitize archives?

Digitizing archives is relatively expensive because a lot of human work is involved. What costs should you take into account if you are considering making the important paper archives digitally accessible?  Scanning costs are only part of the total cost.

costs of record storage

What is the cost of storing archives?

Storage costs for paper archives are determined on the basis of the amount of archive material. Prices start at €25 per month. That includes the possibility of requesting relevant files from your archive at any time, or even have them delivered digitally. What are some factors to consider?

to keep or not to keep

Retention obligation and retention periods

How long should you keep important papers? This is a question asked frequently. There are legal requirements for this which we will explain here. These are also requirements that have been imposed by various government agencies.

points of attention of digitizing

Digitizing the archive: what do you need to know?

If you still have a lot of paper archives in your organization and you would like to benefit from the advantages of a complete digital archive, then digitizing may be an option for you. As an organization, it is often best to do this yourself. But you have to know what to look for when you start.

Curious about the possibilities?

Would you like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods for your situation? Contact us for a free consultation.

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