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Sustainable solutions for paper archives

Archiefkluis helps organizations in the transition from analogue to digital working. Depending on the client’s wishes and requirements, existing paper archives may be digitised or stored. Archiefkluis ensures that paper archives are stored securely and guarded so that this sensitive data is safe. The archive is registered in such a way that it can be made available at any time. And that gives you peace of mind.

Archiefkluis B.V. was founded by Leonard Gort. Leonard has years of experience in guiding large and small organizations in the transition to digital working. As former director of De Haan archive management (acquired by OASIS in 2016), he has supervised dozens of large and small archive projects for many years: from large-scale digitization and backlog scanning to static archive storage or storage with scanning on demand. These include projects for large organizations in the public, semi-public and commercial sectors. Well-known leading organizations such as VOPAK, Staatsbosbeheer, HDI Gerling, Philips, Boskalis, Gelre Hospitals and the Albert Schweitzer Hospital have all benefited from Archiefkluis services. Many SMEs such as commercial companies, notaries, financial service providers and lawyers are Archiefkluis clients as well.

Archiefkluis is an agile, customer-oriented and cost-efficient company that offers organizations customization in the field of archives. The organization has digitization experts and 3 high-quality archive storage spaces in the Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Leeuwarden regions with storage customers from all over the Netherlands.


Organisaties ondersteunen in de overgang naar digitaal werken door hen te voorzien van duurzame oplossingen voor papieren archieven.

Mission & vision

The mission of Archiefkluis is to support organizations in the transition to digital working by providing them with sustainable solutions for paper archives.

Many organizations have accumulated paper archives during their lifetime, often parallel to their digital archive. The high privacy and security requirements for these sensitive archives get tighter every year. We ensure that the paper archives are centrally housed and safe from unauthorized access. If data from the paper archives must be available, we can deliver it digitally in a way that fits in with the existing business processes.

You will find us and our services via Google and other relevant websites such as archief.startpagina.net and other pages about archives.

Why choose Archiefkluis?


Years of experience with high-value archives


Tailor-made solutions from digitization specialists


High-security storage depots


Customer-oriented and flexible approach


Executed at the lowest possible investment

Curious about the possibilities?

Would you like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods for your situation? Contact us for a free consultation.

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