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Do you have important archives requiring professional archive management? And are you wondering what to look out for? And what are the points of attention? Below you will find more information about archive management.

What is records management or archive management?

Archive management or records management is the field of specialists who are trained in archiving, archival editing, the management of archive depots and the archive documents, and providing access to these paper archives.

What are the phases of archive management?

There are 3 phases of archive management with distinctive features:

Dynamic phase

In this phase, the paper archive is still often needed to carry out the work. Documents from the organization are being added to the archive or consulted in the archives. This type of archives is becoming less common and is often digitized.

Semi-dynamic or semi-static phase

In this phase of archive management, the archives are needed to a limited extent for day-to-day work. Sometimes the archive components from the organization are supplemented by new paper archives after completion and checking of completed activities. The retention period for archival documents eligible for destruction has not yet expired. In some cases privacy legislation requires non-current personal data to be destroyed in the semi-dynamic phase.

Semi-static archiving fits well in an external archive depot staffed with professional archive managers. They ensure that frequently consulted archives are quickly available, either as a paper file or digitised with scanning on demand. Hospitals often use this option. The archive is stored in the depot on dynamic storage racks, from which they are quickly available. If needed, they can be accessed within a few hours.

As a result, the organization benefits from all the advantages of external storage without the daily care and management costs. In-house administrators are not needed an a flexible cost structure is guaranteed. It’s also more future-proof, as archives become more static over time and have fewer requests.

Static phase

In this phase, archival documents are seldom added or requested. As the retention period has expired, sections of the archive regularly become eligible for destruction. The static archive is a perfect fit for an external archive depot. Organizations must keep documents in an adequate manner in accordance with laws and regulations. An external archive depot is a great way to guarantee compliance—one less worry for you. You have the certainty that the archives are carefully preserved, do not get in the way, do not take up valuable space and are stored at relatively low costs. After expiry of the retention period(s), the documents may be destroyed for you.

Do it yourself or outsource it?

With the transition from analogue to digital organizations, less and less of an organization’s archives consists of paper. As a result, hardly any manpower is required for the management of paper archives. This can be an important reason to call in specialists.

The specialists of Archiefkluis are professional and motivated to manage your archives properly. Our combined experience, well-developed procedures and systems, and our available resources and spaces mean that specialist archiving is often cheaper than doing it yourself. In addition, you are assured of continuous professional management of your sensitive data. Today’s stricter privacy legislation requires you to professionally safeguard your archive management. How easy is that with a recognized specialist? And when you spread the costs over several archives, it can also be financially advantageous. Our approach to archive management is suitable for all archives and files, whether static, semi-dynamic or highly dynamic. Examples:

Medical records

Student and exam files

Legal / case files

Personnel files

Construction files

Customer files

Archive management, our specialisation

Archiefkluis specializes in archive management, document management and archive storage. For this we have secure and conditioned archive storage rooms, all necessary certifications and declarations, as prescribed by law. For you the certainty of secure archive management that complies with the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation.

Archiefkluis provides all relevant services related to the secure management of your archives, such as:

  • archive inventory in your organization
  • packing archive materials in archive boxes in a cost-efficient and accurate manner
  • sorting and destruction of eligible archives
  • preparing the archives for moving to and from various locations
  • secure transport to the archive depot
  • digitizing archives, both via scanning on demand and backlog scanning
  • receiving and indexing of the archive boxes in the depot
  • location-independent placement of the archives on the shelves in high-security archive depots.
  • Tracking of destruction periods and timely destruction of your archives according to an extra secure procedure.

Choose Archiefkluis to be certain that your archives:

  • are safely stored in archive rooms that meet the highest safety requirements, optimally protected against all kinds of calamities and external influences such as burglary, fire, pests, fungi and weather conditions.

  • are managed by screened and specialized archive specialists with VOG certification, so you can count on professional service and a 100% privacy guarantee.

Your archives are always available

Your archives are always available. If an authorised person needs an archive document, just let us know. You can pick it up yourself, but we can also physically deliver the requested materials to you with our own delivery service or via secure shipping with a professional parcel carrier. We can also provide digitization and shipping. This way you only build up a digital archive of the files you need on a regular basis.

We only utilise our own employees, and we screen them carefully. They deliver the documents to you in digital or physical form, according to your preference. The files are delivered to the location of your choice at the agreed time.

Smart archive management

Our archive management is set up in a customer-oriented way. You can choose the smartest method for storing your archives based on your wishes, the characteristics of your archives and a clear business case. Consider the expected request frequency, the remaining retention period and the physical state of the archive. It may be wise not to fully digitise or inventory archives that only need to be preserved for a short time. A thorough description of the archives in the start-up phase can lead to considerable cost savings in the long term. We have a lot of experience in moving archives with the highest levels of safety, which means you can move your archives with confidence. The archive teams work according to NEN-ISO 9001 and VCA* certification.

Archive management costs

Managing an archive involves an investment: there is a fixed cost component and a variable component. The costs also depend on the size of the archive, the duration of the storage period, and the way you want us to manage the archive.

Want to know more about archive management and the best situation for your archive?

Feel free to contact us for a suitable no-obligation consultation and price quote by phone or using the online contact form.

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