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Are you looking for secure storage for your archive in the Rotterdam region? Our storage depot meets strict security requirements and our employees specialize in archive management. Not only is it not too far away, it’s also financially attractive. Archiefkluis has the right solution for you with our archive depot for the Rotterdam region, located in Alblasserdam.

For many organizations in Rotterdam, space is important. It is important to use this precious element as efficiently as possible in a metropolis like Rotterdam—for employees, and not for the storage of archives. That is the idea behind the development of Archiefkluis’ archive depot.

The archive depot is located less than 30 minutes from the centre of Rotterdam, in a business park that is more affordable than the city centre, in Alblasserdam. Here your archive is reliably safe and yet close by.

Sometimes potential customers compare our archive storage service to a self-storage unit. However, there is a world of difference—not just in terms of safety, but also in investment or management. Storage in an archive depot is often considerably cheaper, and certainly safer. Do you want to put this claim to the test? Ask us for a preliminary, no-obligation cost estimate. Rates start at €8.00 per pallet per month.

Low cost for archive storage

The cost of archive storage is relatively low. This is due in part to the very effective design of our archive depots. Moreover, costs are calculated per item. i.e. per box or per pallet. You’re not renting space (as with self-storage), but paying per item. This makes storage possible from €25 per month.

Archive management 24/7

Secure storage in an archive depot with archive managers means that you can retrieve your archives at any time. The desired box will then be prepared for you, delivered to your location or digitized and delivered by e-mail. This service is known as archive management: the storage and management of an archive for an organization up to the date when the materials may be destroyed.

Extra safe

Archives are stored in secure and protected storage spaces in extra secure archive depots. The storage facilities meet strict security requirements. All files are protected against external influences such as damp, fire, smoke, temperature fluctuations, pests, and unauthorized access. Daylight is excluded, and careful use is made of artificial light. You can be certain of a safe environment for your high-value archive materials.


Privacy is crucial to us. To ensure this, the archive storage is equipped with motion sensors and electronically secured access and emergency doors. Access is restricted to authorised persons by means of an electronic security system. Only our screened staff have access to the archives. In addition, our employees have VOG certification and a duty of confidentiality. An external security company also patrols the premises outside office hours.

Accessible and digitizable

When you commit your archives to us, you have the choice of storing them per box or per pallet. The best choice for your organization depends on the characteristics of the archive. How often is it needed, and how quickly does it need to be available? Each archive is provided with a unique code and can always be retrieved and viewed.

If you want to receive an archive document, box or file, our archive delivery service guarantees physical or digital delivery within the agreed delivery period. Of course, you and your colleagues may also come to consult the archives or pick them up at the archive depot.

Space for any archive box

All types and sizes of archive boxes may be stored in our archive depots. We do have archive boxes that provide optimal conditions for archive storage. However, you are not required to pack your archives in our boxes. We can accommodate any archive box in our archive depots.


A key part of the system is providing archive boxes with unique coding linked to their contents. This numerical coding prevents the contents of the boxes from being apparent on the outside. We link the coding to the physical location in the archive depot. Only authorized personnel can locate the encrypted boxes via a personal login. The contents of the boxes in question are known exclusively to your own organization. With this method we guarantee the privacy of the archive: only you know what is in the boxes, and only we know where the box is located.

Self-storage and multiple storage spaces: points to consider

Sometimes customers consider storing their archive boxes in a self-storage system. There are certain points to consider with this approach:

  1. Is the storage space well conditioned for the protection of paper archives? Might there be problems with damp, temperature, pests, fumes, etc.? Control of these factors is crucial for the shelf life of the paper archive. Think of your neighbour’s self-storage unit. Is it free of pests (such as silverfish or paperfish)? Or gasoline fumes from outboard engines, motors, lawn mowers, etc.?
  2. Self-storage units are rented not by how many boxes or pallets you have, but by a fixed space of a certain number of square metres. To get the most value for money, you must fill the archive space as efficiently as possible. But you still have to be able to access the archives. How fast or easy will it be to find the archive box you are looking for? Do you need storage racks? Take this investment into consideration. Even if the archive decreases (due to mandatory destruction) or increases (growth from the office), it is important to make a good estimate.
  3. What are your expectations regarding the management of the archive? How often will it be needed? And which of your employees or colleagues is familiar with the storage, storage location and layout of the archive space?

It is wise to think through the best solution for your situation before moving forward. If you would like to discuss this with us, please call or email us. Our specialists will help you without obligation.

Curious about the possibilities?

Would you like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods for your situation? Contact us for a free consultation.

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