Secure storage of important paper documents

The logistics sector is slowly but surely switching to digital methods for consignment notes, etc. Nevertheless, a lot of paperwork has accumulated over the years which must be kept in accordance with the legal regulations (tax, law, customs).

Many organizations therefore still have the remnants of a paper logistics archive that is no longer needed for business operations, but must still be retained in accordance with the legal requirements. And it takes up unnecessary and expensive space. If the office is moved or given a new lay-out, this space problem can become even more critical. It’s a great time to think about a solution for those archives.

Your solution for logistics records

These archives are usually kept in the company’s own warehouses or in the storage rooms of a logistics organization. More current years are sometimes also stored in the office. Since these are static archives (hardly any retrievals), storing them on archive pallets is a logical choice. Archiefkluis specializes in the storage of archives on pallets. If this is done in a smart way, the storage costs per year will decrease. If a file or document is still needed (for example as a burden of proof), it can be delivered physically or digitally.

Optimally secured storage

Legislation in the field of document retention includes not only the retention period, but also the rules regarding the safe storage of sensitive data. Professional archive storage by Archiefkluis guarantees this, and ensures that your organization complies with the current regulations in this area.

Many different types of archives

In addition to storing logistics records, we also store financial documents, older personnel files, and general archives.

Archive storage advantage

Choosing an external archive storage with a recognized specialist ensures that you comply with regulations while saving your own space. You can focus on your employees and optimize the processes in your organization in a spacious office, while we take care of all supporting archive services for you. That gives you peace of mind.

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