Costs of pallet storage

How much does pallet storage cost?

What are the cost drivers in relation to the storage of pallets?

Whether you are a large distributor or a relatively small internet company, pallet storage is a much sought-after service. Sometimes it’s needed for the short term, sometimes longer. There are many different forms of pallet storage with varying costs. We offer storage rates by the week or by the month.

The costs of storing a pallet vary enormously due to the method of storage. How secure is the pallet? And how important is that? Is it a problem to stand between the pallets of fruit, toxic substances or waste? Is it important that the pallets are secured? Protected against prying eyes, against vermin or temperature differences. What does that do to the content?

Pallet storage prices vary a lot

Depending on these questions, it is already possible to get a pallet space in a warehouse from € 1.50 per week. Up to €5.00 per week for highly secure storage. The prices of pallet storage do not only consist of the storage costs. So don't be tempted to get the lowest price in storage without also looking at the handling costs.

Safe storage of pallets

De Nationale Archiefkluis offers extra secure storage of pallets in the Rotterdam-Drechtsteden region. So are you looking for a pallet space in a warehouse near Dordrecht, Papendrecht, Ridderkerk, Barendrecht, Rotterdam or even Gorinchem? Then our archive depot in Alblasserdam is certainly an option. For the Amsterdam region, you can visit our depot in Weesp. And for the Northern Netherlands in our depot in Leeuwarden.

At De Nationale Archiefkluis, pallet storage is possible from € 2.00 per week. For the best price for your safe pallet storage from 1 pieces, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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costs of pallet storage

How much does pallet storage cost?

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