Safe and secure digitisation of archives

Digitizing archives is becoming increasingly popular. Now that many organizations are consciously opting for a combination of working from home and working in the office, the need to make the paper archive digitally available is increasing. The fact that this immediately saves space in the office is a bonus. Time for a new look at office design.

Digitize an archive yourself

Whether it's a lack of space, or facilitating remote working, the desire to digitize the archives often arises among the employees in the organization. The question then arises: how do I ensure that the archives are properly digitized? For example:

  • How do we ensure that all archives are digitised? So that no page is missed?
  • How can we digitize with our multifunctional? And can I digitize the archives myself?
  • What name do I give the digitised archives?
  • How do I ensure that colleagues can work well with the digital archive?
  • Do I or do I not apply the OCR technique when digitizing?
  • How do I ensure the safe handling of the archives? Who's going to do it?

In short, many questions that arise when talking about archive digitization. Of course, you can do a lot yourself. The question here is, of course, whether the result is good enough for your organization.

 Digitizing archives by professionals

At an archive digitization company, a secure method of digitization is paramount. After all, it's about your business data or even customer data. Safety starts with people. That is why the employees have been screened and checked. They have a certificate of good conduct and sign a confidentiality or integrity statement. Next, it is important that the room is properly sealed and the processes are set up in such a way that everything in the scan room is 100% checked. Here you will find the latest scanning equipment for optimal results for small and large paper documents. That is also the reason why the digitisation of archives takes place in the scan depot and not at the customer's premises.

After all documents have been digitized, we place your digital data in an export file. In consultation with your IT department or stakeholders, we determine the delivery of the data in advance. We will then deliver this file to you according to your desired technical specifications. As a result, you are assured of a digital archive that you can integrate with your own system without any problems. Of course, we work independently of software and therefore have a lot of experience with linking to various software systems. That works well.

 The cost of digitizing the archive

The cost of digitizing documents is mainly determined by the amount of archive. The more, the more expensive. The condition of the archive is also important, as most of the work is in preparing the documents before they go into the scanner. This includes stapling, smoothing, preparing documents and inserting scan sheets. This is followed by scanning and then enriching the digital data. All in all, a process that is carried out with the necessary checks. The costs for digitisation for our customers are on average between 2,000 and 5,000 euros, with peaks up and down.

The Benefits of Digitizing Archives

Here are the main advantages of digitizing professional archives:

  1. Your important data for data subjects accessible from anywhere.
  2. Less time for your employees to search for important information, which makes everyone more efficient. And that gives more peace of mind, overview and job satisfaction.
  3. Faster and better service to your customers, both externally and internally.
  4. Your archive is better protected against loss due to, for example, fire and water damage.
  5. No need to store the paper archives anymore, which is immediately cost-effective.

 Digitizing archives with De Nationale Archiefkluis

Do you want to be sure that your archive is properly digitised? In a professional manner and tailored to your wishes and possibilities? Then we invite you to get acquainted with the archiving solutions of De Nationale Archiefkluis, the archive expert in the Netherlands.

Feel free to call us or send us a message via the contact form.

Advice  Think carefully in advance about the necessity of digitizing the existing archives and make a selection in (1) Necessary, (2) Desired or (3) Not necessary. This will save you a lot of time and money later on.

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